Saturday, January 26

The Life of Pi: How Do You Explain Those Shining Whales?

If the movie had been a guy with a spear VS Tiger in a boat in the middle of the ocean for 2 hours, then all of my money in the bank. But that didn't fucking happen. When I really think of it, I don't see a point to the story, hahaha.. Who's going to give me back my 2 hours and 6 minutes? Only thing I took with it is don't be friends with a tiger. And there is NO tiger. I hate the fact that they kill a whole fucking Zoo to tell the story of a boy who got so seasick he thought he was a tiger. Pi didn't say on the movie that he eats anyone. But he can't handle the truth that he ate his family to survive, so he created a fantasy world to coop with that fact. Pi doesn't just see shining whales. He see shining everything all the way down to bottom of sea. He see stars and universe. The sun and sky and storms and fishes are all beautiful. These are all God's revelation for him. Yeah, all that shit was magic but the glowing water was phytoplankton. This movie really shows how religion is for the insane.

Many people said that whole point of the movie was a religious propaganda, through and through. It was not what bothered me the most. It didn't matter what was true. The movie is equating religion as some form of escapism. How is that even remotely pro-religion? Faith contributes to the main character surviving an experience and effects how he derives meaning from it. The events in the story being an allegory for human is bullshit. The only point to the horrible story was to demonstrate to the audience that if given two stories where the consequences are identical, we pick the one we like better. Why that means anything I don't know. My best guess has been that we live our lives, and whether or not you believe in God is in your life story, the events are the same. So which one do you like better? :)

The whole point of the movie is that when people don't know something, they seem to tend to believe that which is the more interesting story. The movie examines how humans tend to irrationally do a sort of reverse Occam's razor. The guy never says which one he believes, just which story he likes better. There is a huge major point in the second story that doesn't get enough attention: According to that story, Pi is a murderer and a cannibalist. And he ate his mother. These are about the biggest taboo in all society. You don't just walk away after saying things like that. After saying this, the relationship between the speaker and the listeners is changed. Now how do those two Japaneses and the Canadian face him? Personally I don't think I can continue the conversation after hearing this, unless I laugh it off and say "you must be joking!" or something. That's how I see these listeners' answer. They now know that this Pi before them is a cannibal. For politeness they choose not to calling him out. They choose the tiger story for politeness. What I find funny, is that the act of eating family members is prevalent even in ancient Greek mythology, as a way of explaining the world. Chronus ate his children right after they were born to stop them overthrowing him.

Here is the distinction between Fight Club and Life of Pi: The Life of Pi utterly centered around God and spirituality, and Fight Club is completely centered around nihilism, primalism, and masculinity. Spirituality is a personal and mysterious thing that every individual have. Spirituality is a small part of religion. Religion includes Spirituality but is not limited to it. Religion includes habits, rules, culture and politics, and even institution. In this the Life of Pi, there is no religious institutions and there are some brief mentioning of religious idea, and are lots of ideas about spirituality. With inner peace comes the possibility of laziness. With the tiger (or his darkside) tamed, he had a chance to rest, but you cannot stop there or you will never achieve greatness. But yeah, If my animal aspect was manifested into a tiger then it might change the meaning of my story.

Stories provided by religion sound like silly made up stories but it is only told to you this way because the reality is too harsh and brutal for you to accept. So God gives you a more palatable version of the story but the point and result of the stories is the same either way. So eat up the piles of shit in the Bible, if it sounds like bullshit, its just God being nice. You can describe anyone's life story with or without God just as you can describe any story with or without fantastical elements that pretty much have the same point. And Pi's dad is right: the whole religion thing is made up by men and it keeps India in the dark.

I would not take this movie to that much heart so all I have to say about this movie is that it is a pretentious piece of work covered with beautiful cinematography; which is what Ang Lee is "usually" known for. But as for watching this movie, it is long and pretentious. This is just going to be a slow year for Academy Awards and Oscars. Which movie do you guys think that will win best movie on Oscar? For me this one or Miserables. The best thing about Life of Pi was the compelling love story with that girl at the beginning. I was moved. The Indian part of the movie is great. A story set in India without Bollywood musicals. :)


  1. completely agree. what i take away from this story is that people like to choose the tiger story even if it is far more improbable. this means theyre choosing the story of faith and therefore belief in god. the real story with cannibalism and killing is the harsh truth and most likely what did happen but people like to avoid the truth. as an atheist, i too like the tiger story but not because it is the true one. the message of the book is dumb and can be summed up as religous propaganda.

  2. He did not eat his mom or kill her in the second story. He killed the cook.

  3. I really did enjoy this movie. However, I had many questions after it ended, none including the ending though. I was more confused about the glowing water. The ending was perfectly clear to me. I can easily believe the story with the tiger because I have to believe that magical things really do happen. Does that make me insane? I don't think so. Sure the second story would make a more credible story, but facts can only go so far until miracles happen. I do believe that humans naturally like the tiger story more, but I think it is also possible that people truly believe in it. I truly believe that story. Anyway, this movie was great. It makes the mind think and believe. I cannot question the ways of God!

  4. You guys posting comments, honestly must see no beauty, no wonder, o joy, or art in the world we live in. You just look at the clouds, mountains, and say "i see white puff and tree's. If you completely missed out on the whole point of the book, then i just feel sorry for you. especially Ktsar Hmki. "And so it is with God" is the addressing of how we take reality, and truth, and warp it to accommodate US. Fact of the matter is, in this story, the truth is the tiger really DID exist, everything in the animal story was the TRUTH of what happened, the author has said so. It is how we in take our lives everyday."which story do you prefer" everyone CHOOSES the tiger, but believes the cook one as truth, when it ISN'T the truth. The tiger story is so farfetched it possibly couldn't be true, but the fact of the matter is in THAT story is IS THE TRUTH. But people believe in the cook story because it accommodates us in everyday life, while peoples miracles, and blessings go ass "illusions or delusions". "None of the stories tell how the boat sank" It's about creation. The big bang doesn't explain WHY we are here. Religion doesn't explain the true purpose of WHY we are here, the only fact is we are here, and we have to live our lives, which is symoblism to Pi's journey. "And so it is with God" The true story of us, (Pi) thats seems so out of the ordinary, yet is cast off as a lie, and the true lie, about the cook, so the officials could report something back is beheld as the truth because it was "normal". Well take a look at this life. We're on a rock floating through space. The fact we're here, and how everything turned out is a miracle story with the tiger, yet everyone casts it off as normal and accepts the cook story.. the lie. Folks, the fact you even exist, whether you believe in big bang, or God, and to see what this universe has beheld to us, is a miracles in itself, no movie, book, or person has ever witnessed, beheld, and will ever behold, EVER. The fact you're living is a miracle more far fetched than the "tiger" story itself, but we're here, and thats the fact of it. Get out of your boxes folks. There's so much you need to learn before you can ever begin to understand and appreciate the blessings, and miracles that have led us to see everything we do, from stars and galaxies, to the floors of our oceans. It is all a miracle that is far fetched and impossible, yet has happened.

    1. That could not have been better said my friend.That was really a beautiful thing to see and to know that im not the only one who sees the beauty of this world